The future of “Arab Water Security” will largely depend on the development of non-conventional water resources (NCWR), which offer great potentials but also include many challenges. In view of this concept, the Arab Water Council, realizing the importance of using such non-conventional water resources, has started establishing the NCWR Network comprising five components for scientific research and innovations: (1) Treated wastewater, (2) Desalinated water , (3) Agricultural drainage water, (4) Brackish Groundwater (5) and Rainwater harvesting.

The aim of the network is: To develop and promote technologies that suit the local socio-economic and environmental conditions of the Arab region, to enhance and promote research and development practices, and to transfer knowledge and exchange of experience among Arab countries to maximize the benefit from their utilization.

To realize this aim, data for each of the NCWR components will be collected regarding: Experts, Publications, Institutions and Projects as shown in the following example for Wastewater Reuse.

Network goals:

  • Support and encourage research and practical practices
  • Access to different databases (Local, Regional and International)
  • Include experience of different Arab countries and the lessons  learned
  • Transfer of knowledge and exchange of experiences between Arab countries