In an attempt to establish a comprehensive dynamic platform for interactive exchange of information, research, data, expertise, consultation and discussions in the field of Non-Conventional Water Resources, an “Experts Network” has been established to be administered by the Arab Water Council within the framework of the NCWR-Platform. The Experts Network aims at transferring knowledge and exchange of experience, best practices, success stories and lessons learned between experts, professionals, and specialized stakeholders on the regional and international scales, with special focus on the Arab countries and beyond.

This network permits to ask questions to any of its experts and also to reply to any questions or give comments (it permits active interaction between the experts and the members of the network).  

Guide to the Use of the Experts Network

This guide will help you get started and connected with other experts.

The Experts Network includes the following  5 buttons:

  1. About button:  This includes information about the Experts Network and how to use it.
  2. Expert Registration: To join the NCWR Experts Network as an *Expert* (with experience of more than five years in this domain), please register using the following link:
  3. Member Registration: for those who are not experts in the field of NCWR, yet wish to benefit from the network, we offer a membership registration option that provides access to valuable resources, discussions, and networking opportunities.
    To join the NCWR Experts Network as a *Member*, please register using the following link:
  4. Login (for pre-registered participants):  login using your user’s name and personal password to permit you to contact and interact with other experts.
  5. Experts List: For surveying the whole list of experts involved in the NCWR network considering technical backgrounds and experience in the different areas of the non-conventional water resources as (desalination, agricultural drainage water reuse, reuse of treated wastewater, brackish ground water and water harvesting).
  • Note:  In case you wish to update your Profile: Click on “Profile Settings” and then “Edit Profile” to update your information. Once you’re done making changes, click “Update Profile” to save them.

After Registration & Login (whether expert or member):

Join the NCWR Communities:

What are the communities?:   NCWR’s community groups focus on the various areas of interest and expertise within the network.

1. Find Your Community:

On the main menu, click on “Communities” to view the five main NCWR community groups (Desalination; Agricultural Drainage Water Reuse; Reuse of Treated Wastewater, Brackish Groundwater; Water Harvesting) .

2. Join In:

Explore the communities and click “Join Group” for any that interests you. You can join multiple groups.

3. Connect and Share:

 After joining a group, you’ll see the following  two buttons:  
a) “Members” (to see who else is in the group) and
b) “Discussion” (where you can post questions, comments, and engage with other experts in the same group).

4. To Contact a specific Expert in the Network:

   – Click on the “Experts” button to see a list of registered experts.

   – Search for the desired expert.

   – Click on the expert’s name, then select “Question Wall” from the menu that appears. This will open a space where you can write a post or question to the chosen expert.

This is your gateway to connecting and sharing knowledge with fellow NCWR-AWC experts.